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What Is Synthetic Oil and Does My Car Need It?

We all know that changing car engine oil regularly is important for a vehicle to be in a good condition. But you do not know which oil is better for your vehicle or the difference between conventional and synthetic oil. Let us then first try to know this.

Understanding Synthetic Oil:

Synthetic oil comes from normal petroleum oil. It is initially not synthesized. For this, it is broken down into small molecules of equal size whereas conventional or mineral oil contains the different sizes of millions of molecules. To make it fully synthetic further additives are needed so that the oil does not break down. But you will not find petroleum in it.

You may be still be wondering about the need for it. To this, the answer is ‘No’. However, there are exceptions to it. Like for vehicles of higher-end or for consistent performance, it may be required or for the sake of warranty. However, mostly all the cars function smoothly on conventional and on synthetic engine oil.

Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil:

The thought may cross your mind about the advantages and disadvantages of fully synthetic oil.  To this, the answer is, ‘Yes’. Like there will be less chemical degradation, no fuel and water contamination, acids, extreme heat, and so on. Simply, it does not allow your vehicle to gather dust or any other material that hampers its performance. This means a healthy and clean engine.

The thickness of Oil or Viscosity

Synthetic oils have good and high viscosity in comparison to normal engine oil. It means in any condition the thickness of the oil remains the same. This results in a clean, better, and protected engine. So, give it a thought whether it’s time for a car oil change service.

Performance in varied Temperatures:

Synthetic oil flows consistently even in low temperatures. Conventional oil on the other hand goes very thin and does not circulate as it is required. This damages the engine very early. Synthetic oil is very less likely to become thick and lets the engine starts quickly and gives better engine safety.

Burning Issue:

Synthetic engine oil does not burn easily compared to conventional oil. This helps in keeping the levels of oil stable. This results in slower degradation of synthetic oil in comparison to other conventional oil.

It is misleading to depend on the oil advertisements which say 8000-11000 km oil change or 40,000 km oil change. However, do not buy that word because it is dictated not by the oil rather by the vehicle. Thus, you should follow the manual irrespective of the oil you wish to use.

Semi-Synthetic over Synthetic Oil:

You will find semi-synthetic oils cheaper. They are created by combining conventional and synthetic oil. There is of course a defined ratio of how much should be their combination. However, such semi-synthetic oils provide better protection than any other conventional oil. It will also fit into your budget easily and you can also go for it.

Bugging Questions:

Understand the importance of oil change because you may still be wondering. Like can I mix both the oils that are conventional and synthetic? There is no harm in doing so but it will reduce the effectiveness of your car’s engine. You may also want to use synthetic oil for some time and then conventional oil. There is no issue if you choose to do this. Remember synthetic oil does not allow oil leakages rather it helps you in knowing them.

To conclude

Synthetic oil is better because it increases the life span of your car’s engine. It does not allow garbage to build up. It gives a high flow that allows the engine to get its lubricant at a faster speed. Thereby it is extending the life span of your car’s engine, so go ahead for a car oil change York, Toronto. So, when there is time for an oil change, we are here to assist you.

Time for your engine’s oil change is approaching faster and you are still not able to decide which oil is better for the life span of your car’s engine conventional or synthetic. What is synthetic oil, you may first want to know? Synthetic oil is synthesized oil.

Further, there are many advantages than disadvantages of using synthetic oil than the conventional oil-like viscosity, better performance in varying temperatures and it burns at a slow rate. At Fine Tuned Autos, we use the best quality engine oil to keep the car engines running smooth and long-lasting. Schedule a service today.

FTAutosWhat Is Synthetic Oil and Does My Car Need It?

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