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What are the Benefits of Car Oil Change?

You might be wondering why car oil change plays a crucial role. Making sure you change your oil regularly is one of the most important routines you must follow for your vehicle maintenance. Oil change in Toronto is essential to protect your car and keep it in excellent condition. Going in for regular oil exchange service helps to extend the car’s longevity. Additionally, the synthetic oil change prevents frequent breakdowns and visits the garage regularly for repairs.

Reasons You Need Car Oil Change

Better engine performance

The primary function of a car oil change is to prevent damage to the internal parts of the engine whenever they rub against each other. But over time, the oil degrades, leading to reduced engine performance. Routine changing of the car’s oil lubricates and cleans the engine’s internal moving parts and reduces the heat. When you visit experts for car oil change service, you can expect top-notch engine performance that gives you a comfortable and seamless ride.

Get rid of dirt

The oil flows inside the car when the engine starts, and old oil is most likely to carry dust and debris into the machine. It is standard for cars to run in dusty conditions. Engine oil aging leads to dust and dirt accumulating, and it ultimately results in the collection of debris in the engine that leads to wear and tear. The wear and tear affect the performance to a great extent. Routine mobile oil change helps keep the engine clean by removing the dirt that protects the vehicle from damage.

Better gas mileage

Regular mobile oil change service enhances lubrication and also minimizes friction. Reducing friction between different engine parts ensures that the engine moves smoothly, which helps improve vehicle mileage besides saving fuel.

From conventional oils to eco-friendly blends and full synthetic oil, Fine Tuned Autos offers a complete range of services for car oil change. Visit us or call (416) 243-0949.

Enhances the life expectancy of the vehicle

The best part about going for an oil change service is that you can enhance the vehicle’s life expectancy. You would agree that oil is the vital driving force behind smooth engine performance, and engine oil helps reduce friction and metal-to-metal contact between various engine parts. The synthetic oil change removes impurities and keeps the engine clean, which keeps the vehicle on the road for a long time and enhances your engine’s life span.

Minimizes harmful emissions

Using old and dirty engine oil leads to increased emission of harmful and toxic gases and particulate pollutants from vehicles. The frequent synthetic oil change keeps the engine and oil clean. The clean oil absorbs the harmful particulates emitted by the engine and generates minimum vehicle emissions. Hence, regular mobile oil change services benefit you, your vehicle, and the environment.

Minimum vehicle emissions

Clean oil around the engine lowers the vehicle’s emissions by allowing it to run seamlessly and removing any hydrocarbons built up in the machine, which makes the car more environmentally friendly and also improves the engine.

Better mileage

Different conditions and driving habits contribute to mileage, but fresh oil circulating throughout the engine has an effect. The lubricating qualities of the engine oil mean minimum friction in the machine. Additionally, the motor with minimum friction will achieve the best mileage if there are fewer restrictive forces and less stress on the engine. Still, the oil change will ensure peak engine performance. Dramatically it will improve the driving experience overall.


Regular services including Car Oil Change can do wonders for your car. Visit Fined Tuned Autos for any type of oil change services.

FTAutosWhat are the Benefits of Car Oil Change?

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