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Transmission Repair Services: A Must for a Healthy Vehicle

If you hear grinding noises from your car or are experiencing hard shifting and gear slipping, chances are that you have been negligent about your car’s transmission health and should immediately be heading for the transmission repair services near you.

Transmission is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle – it is one of ‘the’ things that make your car what it is. A damaged transmission status may even prove to be fatal to your car. Hence, it is very important for you to get your transmission checked and serviced on a regular basis.

What is Transmission?

A complex set-up of gears and sensors set up between your tires and engine ensure the efficient transfer of energy from the engine to the tires. This set up is called transmission. This enables the driver to control the tires (essentially, the vehicle). As one might guess, the transfer of energy produces heat which in turn is the cause of the wear and tear of the tires and other parts of the car body.

To prevent this, transmission fluid is used as a coolant. Over time, when this coolant gets used up, temperature regulation is affected which causes the vigorous grinding sounds and a hard gear shift experience. Usually, a transmission lasts up to 100,000 miles with regular servicing sessions.

Transmission Flush

If you experience a burning smell in your car, chances are that your transmission fluid is full of dust and debris. The best course of action in such a case is to flush out the old oil and fill your transmission with fresh transmission fluid. This way, you can eliminate all the grime and sludge accumulated over miles of driving and can renew the vehicles over-all life. An instant boost in performance goes with a well-done transmission flush.

Apart from transmission flush, one must also indulge in regular clutch maintenance. Often neglected during a regular car service, clutch maintenance can extend your car’s life and ensure that your car doesn’t have roadside breakdowns. Ideally made for up to 75,000 miles, you must regularly service your clutch to maintain your vehicle’s longevity.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilds

There are times when a transmission replacement is absolutely necessary. However, before opting for this and shelling out a huge amount of money, you must consider a transmission rebuild – a pocket-friendly alternative. In a typical transmission rebuild, your transmission is dismantled and the good parts are separated out. Now the worn-out parts are replaced, reassembled and then refitted into your car. Also, there are times when a rebuild works way better than a transmission replacement as the good parts are already in harmony with your car. Transmission repair services are what ensure that your car remains in top-notch form.

Good Habits for a Healthy Transmission

A healthy transmission equals an improved gas mileage, and what is the better way to save money than keeping your gas mileage at the top always?

Here are a few tips to help you go about it:
  • During winters, allow your car to heat up a bit before putting it in gear. Switch on your engine and sit for a while to allow the transmission fluid to heat up and do its job optimally.
  • Don’t press the brake pedal continuously and unnecessarily. Riding the brake is a hard job for your transmission.
  • Keep your fuel injector nozzle clean to maintain a uniform fuel charge spray. A regular service would take care of that.
  • Replace your air filter regularly to maintain the best efficiency ratio.
How Can I Find the Best Car Transmission Repair Services near Me?

If you want to get your transmission repaired, rebuilt or serviced, navigate through, one of the leading local auto transmission repair shops near you. Our certified experts can make your gear shifting experience smoother, your car engine performance higher, and your component failure chances lower. Also, we have a differential and CV axial repair unit that is just right for an unbalanced engine torque fix. Call (416) 243-0949 to book an appointment today!

FTAutosTransmission Repair Services: A Must for a Healthy Vehicle

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