Transmission Repair and Rebuild Shop in North York

Fine Tuned Autos comprises the best experts for transmission repair in North York. We understand that regular driving can impact transmission in different ways. We take care of everything, whether related to the gearbox, component failures, or engine performance. Transmission issues are critical as they could degrade the driving experience and damage the engine – therefore, getting it checked by an expert transmission shop North York is essential.

transmission repair North York

Best Transmission Repair and Rebuild Shop in North York

We are skilled in every transmission repair and service requirement. Our team offers complete diagnostics, maintenance, rebuilds, and more. We provide cost-effective and timely services to our customers. Whether your vehicle has a standard transmission, automatic, transfer case, differential, or 4×4 system – we have the expertise to solve all the problems. Our experts will quickly diagnose the problem and solve the issue in no time. Our unique transmission shop in North York is equipped with the right tools and equipment to carry out detailed work. We take extra precautions while doing the work to ensure that no scratch occurs on your vehicle. We also have mobile mechanics who can come to you in case of emergencies when you can’t find anyone to fix your car’s transmission.


Fine Tuned Autos has licensed mechanics and experts who know what they are doing. Our transmission repair North York team has the experience and skills to solve all problems. However, we offer your vehicle a diverse range of transmission repair and services. Our high-quality offerings for transmission service include:

Transmission maintenance North York

Our auto service transmission & repair experts provide complete maintenance to ensure your vehicle achieves high performance throughout its lifespan. We carefully diagnose the issues that make your transmission weak and resolve them quickly. Conduct a thorough checkup of your vehicle, evaluate the different components, fluids, and filters, repair and replace the necessary components, install pan gaskets, and provide custom transmission maintenance regularly. We minimize the time it takes to improve performance and lead you to long-term cost savings with your vehicle.

Auto transmission repairs & rebuilds North York

Automatic transmissions can be tricky to repair and rebuild, so you need expertise. Our transmission repair North York shop has skilled professionals who know the ins and outs of it. They fix every issue with the auto transmission so that you can drive the vehicle swiftly and smoothly. We replace worn-out gaskets, and rubber seal components, improve the clutching system by reducing friction, inspect drums and gears, and perform extensive testing to determine the errors that might cause difficulty in transmission. We provide transmission rebuilding to bring back your vehicle’s original performance and ensure a safe drive.

Differentials and CV Axle Repairs

CV Axles and faulty differentials heavily impact the engine power as it is unevenly distributed in engine torque. This results in a loss of stability while driving. Our mechanics provide complete differential and CV Axle repair services to ensure the high performance of your engine. We resolve the difference between inner and outer wheels during cornering and turning, checking the efficiency of vehicle power transfer between axles, and checking the ability of the axle to handle driving on different terrains. We implement the right solutions to safeguard your vehicle and enhance its performance in the long run.

If you are looking for experts in transmission repair in North York – look no further. We are an experienced and certified team of mechanics, providing complete service and repair for transmissions and making the drive smooth for you. We provide affordable transmission service without compromising on the quality of work.

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