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3 Telltale Signs that You Have a Broken Muffler

Who doesn’t loves their car running smooth without any nasty rattles or clangs coming from the engine? You may think that this is because your car is well insulated inside the cabin, which may be partly true, but did you know that your car’s muffler is what keeps the loud engine sounds at bay. It is a key component of your car which often goes unnoticed. This is in part due to the location of the muffler, which is under the car, attached to the exhaust system.

Like other components, the muffler too ages with time and in due course will need to be swapped for a new one. When it’s time to change, there are telltale signs that you need to watch out for. Google online for ‘muffler repair shops near me’ which are open on Sunday too, and making the swap at the right time will ensure that your car runs quietly and that you do not contribute excessively to polluting the air with your exhaust fumes.

So watch out for these:

Rattle Noises Especially During Start/Stop
This is the first and the most obvious sign that your muffler needs to be changed. With time, mufflers tend to wear out, especially around the linkages where the muffler meets the tailpipe and then begins to rust. This wearing away of the metals can be heard as rattles during start ups or when the car is moving slowly.

After a certain point in time, the engine exhaust note (sound) will change and will no longer sound smooth. This indicates that there is a crack in the exhaust and you’re leaking fumes. This is around the time when you should get the muffler changed from a reputable muffler repair in York, Toronto.

  1. Unusual Smell from Your Car
    You are driving down the freeway and you smell something oily or sooty. This could be a sign that you need to visit a muffler shop nearby. This smell is that of exhaust smoke leaking out from your car’s muffler. If left unchecked, this could be harmful to the environment and also to your vehicle. Worst of all, this smoke can be extremely harmful to you.
  2. Lower Gas Mileage
    If you have noticed a sudden increase in your vehicle’s gas consumption, this could be due to the bad muffler. One of the ways to figure this out is if you run out of gas a lot quicker than you used to. Ensure that before you decide that your muffler is faulty, you’ve done a thorough check of the other components like the tires, ignition system, fuel quality among others. Once you are convinced that all these components aren’t causing the problem, take your car to a muffler shop near you and have it checked by a certified professional mechanic.
  3. Takeaway
    Your broken muffler can do more harm than good. When it’s time to change your muffler, remember to look out for these three telltale signs. Visit a muffler shop in North York that employs certified professional mechanics, and most of all, always look for quality replacement parts that will last through the lifetime of your car.
FTAutos3 Telltale Signs that You Have a Broken Muffler

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