Uber Inspection

What is the Uber Vehicle Inspection?

A vehicle inspection sounds appalling. Particularly since it could obstruct amongst you and acquiring fares. However, Uber’s vehicle inspection is harmless and is a standard procedure in the industry.

This is the process that every Uber driver has to follow to ensure that their car is fit to drive and safe for the road. Most other on-demand service providers require drivers to complete a similar process, with Lyft’s vehicle inspection process being almost identical to Uber’s.

Uber recommends drivers to complete a full inspection at least once a year at either an “activation center,” or a pre-approved repair shop.

If you apply for inspection online, you’ll be able to complete your mechanical inspection following a full background check. Otherwise, if you apply in-person, you can complete the mechanical inspection straight away.

Uber Vehicle Inspection Requirements

Here are the two questions Uber wants to know about your car:

  • Is it safe to drive?
  • Will passengers get a pleasant riding experience?

Because of this, an Uber car inspection requires you to consider all the safety and mechanical features in your car that make it fit to drive.

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