Auto Transmission Repair North York, Toronto

A rough driving experience is indicative of transmission issues with your car. Accurate diagnostics about these problems require a high level of expertise, which is exactly what you get at Fine Tuned Autos.

Do you often find yourself wondering ‘what are the best transmission shops near me?’. If so, Fine Tuned Autos is here for you. Our motto is to provide high-quality services at affordable prices to extend the maximum possible help to the North York, Toronto community.

Benefits of Auto Transmission Service & Repairs

Proper transmission repair services provide a lot of benefits to the vehicle. These include:

  • Smoother shifting of gears.
  • Improved car engine performance.
  • Reduction of component failures.
  • Increased life of the car.

The range of Car Transmission Services at Fine Tuned Autos

We offer a host of Transmission Repairs including:

Transmission Maintenance:  Our experts fine-tune your vehicle in ways that the need for future repairs is minimized. This keeps your car in its prime shape. The action plan here includes:

  • An extensive examination by our engineers and mechanics.
  • Checking for leakage of fluids and vehicle integrity.
  • Required fluid and filter replacements.
  • Pan gasket installation.

Automatic Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds: Modern day vehicles make use of automatic transmission. Repairing a faulty automatic transmission system requires a lot of expertise. This gives your car its power back and makes gear transitions extremely smooth. The action plan here includes:

  • Replacing worn out gaskets and rubber seal components.
  • Improving the clutching system by minimizing friction.
  • Inspection of drums, gear, and other crucial components.
  • Extensive performance testing of car components.

Differentials and CV Axle Repairs: Faulty differentials and CV Axles can lead to reduced engine power due to uneven distribution of engine torque and loss of stability while driving. Our dedicated repair services take care of such issues by checking for the following:

  • Difference between inner and outer wheels during turning.
  • The efficiency of power transfer from the transaxle to the wheel.
  • The ability of the axle to handle varying terrains.

If your car is facing from any such issues, delaying to implement the solutions can jeopardize your safety. Get in touch with us at earliest to get your car tranmission repairs before you have to buy a new.

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