Car Computerized Diagnostics

If you feel something is wrong with your car or the warning lights are making your life difficult, taking it to an untrained technician can make things worse. It requires high expertise and vast experience to handle modern-day cars.

Your warning lights can talk. All you need to do is listen!

Complete Automotive Computerized Diagnostic services from Fine Tuned Auto can make it easy for you to find any type of problem with your vehicle through advanced analysis techniques. Both, past and present issues can be mined and addressed to keep your vehicle in its prime condition. We can even find problems that are most likely to occur in the future, saving you valuable time and money in the process.

Fine Tuned Auto Computerized Diagnostic Test

Our advanced vehicle diagnostics system can detect all sorts of issues with your vehicle by analyzing every symptom. These include signs such as:

  • The Check Engine light is on while driving the car.
  • Fuel economy of the vehicle has reduced resulting in low mileage.
  • Your vehicle is failing one or more Emissions Test.
  • Engine hesitates and stumbles while running.
  • Loss of engine power.
  • Engine cranks but does not start or is difficult to start.
  • Engine stalls while running, reducing the car’s performance.
  • Engine misfires while running.
  • Cylinder misfire that affects the torque and power.
  • Other warning lights being on.

If your vehicle shows one or more of these symptoms, it is a clear sign of your car calling for thorough diagnostics.

Computerized Vehicle Diagnostic Services from Fine Tuned Auto

Our comprehensive repair services include all possible heads such as:

  • Complete engine ignition system diagnostics tests.
  • Deep Engine code check to pinpoint the exact problem.
  • Engine overheating diagnosis to save it from further damage.
  • No start diagnosis to figure out every issue with the vehicle.
  • Engine oil light diagnosis to find the most ideal solution.
  • Charging system diagnosis for optimum performance.
  • Computer Reflash services.
  • Solving issues with car electronic computers.
  • Replacing older control modules with the latest ones.
  • Computer system repairs for the best performance.

For immediate assistance, (416) 243-0949 or contact us today to get your car running in a perfect condition again!

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