Car Air Conditioning Repairs

AC Refill Service

A malfunctioning air conditioning system can Interfere with the fuel economy of your car. Components of modern AC systems in today’s vehicles need regular attention and servicing. And, being a complex system with some risky elements, they should only be handled by experts.

At Fine Tuned Autos, we have a team of highly trained professionals that know your car better than you do. Guaranteed workmanship is what we offer.

What makes Car Air Care treatment Important

Air Conditioning systems are prone to errors and faults with constant running. Over time, small amounts of refrigerant leak from the lines, result in degrading A/C performance. Parts such as hose pipes may get clogged or start leaking, which can also interfere with other working parts of the car. Moreover, the AC can run out of gas and stop cooling abruptly. This makes regular AC gas refill services important for your car along with maintenance.

Signs that your Car Air Conditioning need a AC Refill, / Repair Service

You need to watch out for these indicators:

  • If the cooling or heating capacity of the AC has considerably reduced.
  • The blown air has an unnatural smell.
  • The defroster has stopped operating or operates at a slower rate.
  • Airflow seems to be slower, even at maximum settings.
  • The air conditioning system finds it hard to function in idle conditions and only seems to work when the car is running.

Air Conditioning and Repair Services from Fine Tuned Autos

We take care of every servicing need of your car’s air conditioning system including:

  • Complete servicing of the Air conditioning system.
  • Leak testing of all AC components.
  • Repairs of all AC components.
  • Comprehensive checking for faults.
  • Deodorizing/antibacterial treatments for every part.
  • Gas refill service for car’s AC.
  • Air conditioning installations.
  • Repair the climate control system.
  • Car AC system pipe and hose repairs.
  • Auto A/C Repair.

Air Conditioning Servicing Process of Fine Tuned Autos

  • Checking all internal components of the air conditioning system.
  • Pressure checking in the hose pipes.
  • Checking the coolant operating temperature of the radiator.
  • Inspecting all the components for leaks.
  • Pressure testing of the coolant system.
  • Maintaining the pressure of the interior vent air.

It’s time to stop sweating in the heat and shivering in the cold. Get in touch with us right away to refill AC refrigerant in a car or inspect car air conditioning system. Refer to the contact details mentioned below.

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