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Why do you need to service your car every year

Most people neglect the regular car service that needs to be done for keeping the four wheeler in perfect condition. Serving the car ensures that all components are working fine and the car is running at its full capacity. By bringing your car to a professional auto service in Toronto, you are ensuring that your car doesn’t face any uncertain failures or issues while driving. When people go through challenges due to faults in the car on a long road trip, they understand the value of serving the vehicle every now and then. Car service is the best way to ensure that you don’t face any such trouble.

The frequency of car service matters when it comes to achieving the best driving condition. Specialists in automotive repair & service in Toronto suggest that the car should be serviced every year or before it touches another 10,000 kms on the meter. This frequency is the best way to keep the car in the best condition. Servicing every year is like the workout that the car needs to stay functional. From engine oil to fuel filters to injectors, everything needs a complete overhaul to ensure that the parts are working in the perfect condition. The car servicing also includes tyre check, washing, cleaning, and adding accessories.

Regular service, say every year, also helps to monitor the problems in the car that may not be visible to the naked eye. Experts in auto repair Toronto often address the issue that car owners bring faulty engines and cars to them because they did not know the issue had occurred. Only when the car is serviced regularly, the problem pops up and the mechanic is able to fix it with ease. When the issue is resolved during the annual car service visit, it is less likely to repeat and keep the car running smoothly and in perfect condition.


6 reasons you need to service your car every year

Here are the top 6 reasons that show why you need to service your car every year –

1. Eliminate malfunctioning

Servicing the car regularly will eliminate any roadside malfunctioning that will lead to a lot of hassle. An unserviced car isn’t a good companion – components that haven’t been overhauled in a while may lead to problems. It also increases the cost of maintaining the car, bringing it to the service centre, and repairing it once the damage is done.

2. Increase the car’s lifespan

Regular maintenance and servicing at a car repair in Toronto will keep the vehicle in the best condition possible. It increases the lifespan of the car as the components are in the condition to run for longer periods of time without any hassle. The serviced car will face less stress while driving on long routes as well and eliminate your own worries.

3. Ensure proper safety

Faulty steering and braking systems are one of the major reasons for road accidents. An unserviced car isn’t a good companion for your family on the road. Getting the car serviced ensures that it is operating fine and provides the highest safety for all the passengers. Servicing helps to avoid any misfortunes while driving.

4. Better car performance

One of the biggest advantages of servicing the car at any auto repair & service in North York is that it increases the performance of the car. Servicing keeps the engineer healthy, components in perfect condition, and provides a more responsive and smoother driving. The increased car performance will also reduce any hassle on longer routes.

5. Increase resale value

Everyone loves a good second hand car. Specialists in auto repair Toronto, suggest that keeping the car in good condition is a promising way to increase its resale value. People will pay more for a car that has the engine working like its new and provides a comfortable driving experience. A proper service history also ensures that the insurance company doesn’t undervalue the car in case of any hazard.

6. Higher fuel efficiency

Getting good mileage is a priority for every car driver. Auto service in Toronto, ensures that cars that go through regular servicing provide better fuel efficiency than any other. Changing the oil at regular intervals and overhauling the fuel filters help to dramatically increase the fuel efficiency. Therefore, serving the car is important to get a higher mileage.


Getting your car serviced every year is important to maintain its performance. Here are 6 reasons why you need to service your car at regular intervals.

FTAutosWhy do you need to service your car every year

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