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How Important is Transmission Service and Maintenance?

As life passes by, you may have various plans, goals, and obligations to keep track of. Whether you are having a lot of things on your plate, a family reunion, or a friend’s birthday party around the bend, the only thing you may think in the first instance will be, “hope my car runs efficiently.” To make this possible, it is very important to ensure that your car is functioning as expected. Moreover, this is especially connected with the car transmission.

You may not have complete knowledge about every single part and gear present in your car. One of such gears is the transmission. It would be hard to immediately understand what exactly a transmission does for your vehicle until you hear another name of it; that is the gearbox.

You may remember the importance of gears if you have used a bicycle in your childhood. It specifically makes the riding easier if functioning properly, otherwise it could interrupt your trip if malfunctioned. Car transmissions are in no ways different. If functioning properly, a transmission allows your vehicle to change different gears smoothly while riding within your city or on the highway. Like bicycle or bike gears, auto transmission if broken can get you a sudden stop in the middle of your journey.

Here are some facts that can help you understand the right transmission service and maintenance of your car.

Basic Transmission Service

In normal cases, the initial step of transmission service starts with removing the transmission pan followed by-

  • Draining away the fluid
  • Cleaning up the pan
  • Installing the new pan filter and gasket
  • Refilling the fluid as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Right Time to get the Transmission Serviced

Car transmissions are inclusive of two key components, i.e. the fluid and the filter, that need regular servicing. As in the case of the most common maintenance and fluid needs, you will need to follow the owner’s manual instructions. While changing the fluid, the filter is also to be changed. Search out the best “transmission repair shops near me” as early as you notice leaking fluid, discoloring, and smell of burning.

Transmission Fluid Color

Normally, bright cherry red is known to be the healthiest color of automatic transmission fluid in most vehicles. The color helps in distinguishing the fluid from other fluids and engine oil. It can specifically help you identify the anonymous leak. Also, any staining or bruising in the fluid means your system is getting overheated.

To have a smooth operating car, it is important to have different parts and systems work together. When your car engine creates the power, the transmission pulls this power to the wheels. Your car simply won’t move without having a transmission. There are various indications of having issues in the transmission.

  • Whining & Grinding Noise – Automatic transmissions include torque convertors that contain needle pins. If these pins are noticed to be worn out the transmission in your car will create a whining sound even if your car is not in motion. So, as soon as you notice funny noises get your car immediately checked by a professional mechanic. Secondly, if you hear metallic grinding like sound while the shifting of transmission, it is advisable to reach out to the car repair shop immediately. This issue is often caused due to low transmission fluid which is important to ensure that the transmission is appropriately lubricated and is having the holding faculty to shift through the gears.
  • Slow Shifting – Owing to low transmission fluid your car’s RPM gauge may go up immediately as the automatic transmission changes. This issue is the initial stage before the transmission failure and needs to be treated promptly.
  • Popped out Gear – When the auto-transmission of your car suddenly switches between the gears or if you are having a car with a manual transmission which suddenly pops out in the middle of nowhere it is advisable to take your car to the nearest auto repair shop the earliest possible. This issue could be a nightmare if overlooked since the popped out gears will prevent you from the smooth and easy controls of your car.
  • Fluid Leak from the Transmission – The usually available red-colored transmission fluid compiles directly beneath the car transmission if a leak is formed. Moreover, the lower level of fluid could be the major cause of transmission-related problems. So, it is important to address the problems right away.

If you experience any of such issues don’t wait to contact your nearest Transmission repair North York for adequate and expert diagnostics and service.

The easiest and the best way to keep your transmission live long is to always take it for scheduled maintenance. If you have experienced any of the above-treated issues, or if your vehicle is up for routine transmission maintenance Fine Tuned Autos is right at your help. Our team of professional mechanics has the expertise to repair and service all types of makes and models. No matter whatever trouble your car may have, our team of experts can treat it. Contact us 416-243-0949 for professional transmission repair in North York today.

FTAutosHow Important is Transmission Service and Maintenance?

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