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Importance of Oil Change for the Health of your Vehicle

We all know that a vehicle’s engine is made up of multiple complex components which need to be regularly lubricated to avoid damage. As time passes, the oil breaks down and gets polluted due to dust and dirt from the engine as well as the environment.

Oil changing is crucial for your engine to work smoothly and to keep it safe from developing complicated and expensive issues in future. It is a vital auto maintenance procedure that ensures your vehicle’s better health and a longer lifespan.

If you compare the average expense of a regular oil change in a year and the cost of not proactively maintaining a vehicle’s engine, the benefit to the both wallets will be clear to you.

Here are some other prominent reasons which show why oil changing is important for your vehicle

1. Oil change keeps your engine clean

Oil change plays the lead role in ensuring that your engine is running smoothly by reducing friction, adding lubrication, decreasing wear and tear and keeping its parts cool. New oil works as a cleaning agent for your engine that removes dirt and built ups from the old motor oil that could severely damage the engine. If you wish to keep your car healthy don’t skip the vital procedure of lubrication.

2. It helps avoid friction

Delaying your routine oil change will cause more friction on parts of your car’s engine. The more you allow the friction to continue, the severe the damage will be. You will ultimately end up paying for expensive damages. There have been cases of accidents where people have completely blown their engines out without understanding the reason behind it.

3. It helps prevent sludge

Continuous driving degrades your engine oil making it less effective at lubrication. As oil ages, it tends to lose its viscosity which means it gets thickened and becomes sludgy. Sludgy oil can cause internal combustion, engine problems for which you might even need to replace your vehicle’s engine.

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4. Increase fuel efficiency

Regular oil changes help increase fuel efficiency of your vehicle to a great extent and also decreases fuel consumption. When you engine runs smoothly it automatically increases fuel efficiency ensuring better gas mileage. The money you spend on your car’s regular maintenance becomes equivalent to the fuel savings during the life of your vehicle.

5. It protects the moving parts of your engine

Oil builds a layer of protection between the moving parts of your vehicle’s engine which prevents them from wearing down. It also safeguards your engine from corrosion caused due to condensation which is one of the major reasons behind the necessity of regular oil changes.

6. Beneficial for the environment

A healthy engine means less exhaust emissions and less exhaust emissions means less air pollution. Older vehicles tend to burn oil adding more emissions to the exhaust, making it necessary to change oil on regular basis. Testing the exhaust system is also included in the state vehicle inspection procedure.

These above mentioned benefits clearly show why it is crucial for your vehicle to have oil change North York on regular intervals. It simply increases the life span of your vehicle keeping it healthy and also ensures safety.

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