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Getting the Most for Your Scrap Car

When we think of the traditional scrap yard, we may conjure up images of the “rag and bone” style skinflint dealer who will give us tuppence ha’penny for our car while making a tidy profit from the scrap metal. While it’s true that scrapping rates will always be more underwhelming than a sales figure, you can still get a great deal if you take the time to explore scrap your car options and don’t rush to any final deals. Below are some tips on getting the most for your scrap car.

1. Always use a reputable, licenced dealer

Since 2005, it has been a matter of law that scrap metal dealers and recyclers are licenced and accredited. Such a licence shows that they are qualified to properly dispose of the more dangerous and potentially damaging parts of your car like the battery. It also shows you, the consumer, that the dealer is a serious scrap dealer and isn’t trying to scam you out of your car to sell on to someone else.

2. Never take cash

It may seem the best way to balance speed and financial gain when scrapping, but cash transactions are, in fact, illegal for car scrapping, so avoid them like the plague.

3. Hand it all over

You might think that there’s one or two pieces you might salvage for future use, but this is just another sure-fire way to reduce the amount that the scrap dealer will give you. When you decide to scrap, ensure that you are handing over 100 percent of your vehicle to make sure you get the best-possible price.

4. Hand over the extras, too

You can hand over 100 percent of your vehicle, or even 110 percent. How? You can include any additional items you have added such as alloy wheels, spoilers or other accessories. The more material value the car has, the better price you are going to get for scrap.

5. Shop around

Using a local dealer might seem the most effective option and the sheer convenience might tempt you to just go ahead and take whatever they offer. This would be folly. It’s important to get quotes from several different locations to see if you can in fact do significantly better. Often, you can, so take the time to get quotes and compare all the options — money to you, convenience, timeframe etc.

Alternatively, you might decide that the way to “get the most” when you scrap is to give the car away to a charitable organization. They will sell or scrap the car and donate the proceeds to a good cause. If you’re feeling that the money isn’t important, then this can be another way to gain something great from the scrap deal. Explore your options and think carefully, and you won’t go far wrong.

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