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How Often Should you Get an Engine Tune Up?

With time, your car might stop working the way it used to. You may start noticing that it is the perfect automobile you have always been proud of. If that’s the case, then there is a need for an auto tune up. It involves taking your vehicle to an auto mechanic in North York who can identify the problem and fix it to bring your car back into good shape.

A tune up might also entail just a routine checkup of your car. It is a good practice to get your vehicle checked by a specialist every once a while to ensure that it doesn’t perform differently. You can never be sure if your car needs a tune up or not because most of the time it won’t display any irregularities. In such cases, only by taking it to an experienced mechanic for auto repair North York, you will be able to find the real problem and improve the performance.

How often should you get an auto tune up

It usually depends on how much you drive the automobile. Some people are able to maintain their vehicle even after driving on off-road conditions. There are some irregularities that you can take as warning signs for getting a tune up for your car. Here are a few –

1. Fuel inefficiency

One of the biggest issues with old and even new cars is a sudden downfall in fuel economy. If you are taking your car often to the filling station and seeing that every refill is delivering fewer kilometers, then you should take it to an auto mechanic North York. The mechanic will check the engine and the fuel system for any issues that are causing the problem.

2. Difficulty starting

Another time when you should take your car for auto repair North York is when you face difficulty starting the car. While it is an obvious one, sometimes your car will start but take some time. That is a sure sign that your vehicle needs to get checked. If it’s an ignition problem, then it can be easily fixed. However, engine-related issues take a lot more time and money to fix.

3. Engine lights on

There’s a reason that your car has engine lights. When they get turned on automatically, it is time for an auto tune up. The lights turn on when there’s some issue with the engine, and the system diagnostics have run through it. This is a major alert – one that says your car needs immediate maintenance or something bad might happen.

4. Heavy noise

If your vehicle is heavy while driving, then you should consider checking up with an auto mechanic North York. Cars are not supposed to make rough noises while driving. There might be a problem with acceleration, braking, or the carburetor. It may be possible that some spark plugs are failing to ignite and the car is making more noise.

Don’t wait for the perfect time to get a tune up of your car. Every couple of months, take your automobile to a mechanic and get it checked for any issues. It will save you a lot of trouble in your future drives.

FTAutosHow Often Should you Get an Engine Tune Up?

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