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Everything you need to Know about Pothole Damage

Canada is known for its severe winter conditions and many believe that winter is the season of potholes. Potholes can massively damage your vehicle and the saddest part is, not everyone is aware of it. During this season, pitted asphalt and hidden holes in the road make it difficult for motorists to escape from the damage. Though it might not be obvious but hitting a pothole can cause havoc on your car if neglected.

Big Pothole Can Seriously Damage to Tires and Vehicles Condition

Well, avoiding potholes becomes a bit easy if you are driving attentively during the daytime with clear visibility but it turns out to be a challenge if you are driving at night. If you end up hitting a deep, dreaded divot in the road, from steering misalignment to a tire puncture anything could happen. Whether the damage is major or minor, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of motorists are still not aware of the pothole damages or the impact of it on their vehicles. In this blog, FineTunedAutos have given the answers of some commonly asked questions regarding this issue so that you can keep yourself and your vehicle safe during pothole seasons.

Let’s have a look at the ways a pothole can harm your vehicle

  • Damage in the wheel rim
  • Damage in the suspension with broken components
  • Misalignment of the steering system
  • Damage in the exhaust system
  • Engine damage
  • Tire puncture etc

What is the impact of pothole damage to your vehicle safety?

Tires and wheels

If you notice a sizeable dent in your tire rims, it is a clear sign of tire damage which can even lead to a flat tire or a leakage. Again a bubble or a bulge in your tire sidewall indicates that something is wrong with the inner lining of the tire which could be dangerous. Do not continue driving if you witness something like this. It is better to stop somewhere for help instead of risking your safety.

Steering wheels

No one knows your car better than you when it comes to its driving capabilities. So it is evident that even a minor change in your driving experience would not go unnoticed. Pay attention if you feel like your steering wheel is vibrating. It could be a clear indication of misalignment of steering component which can also be caused by potholes. Take your vehicle to the nearest auto mechanic for a thorough inspection to get to the root of the issue.

Fluid leaking under your car

Potholes can also damage your car’s undercarriage and the extent depends on its depth. Undercarriages easily come in touch with the road when the vehicle dips down into a pothole. This results in fluid leaks and also accumulates rust in places which are not even accessible to you.

Unusual noise from your exhaust system

Just like the undercarriage damage, you cannot see the damage in your exhaust system but you can hear it. An unusual sound coming from your exhaust system is the sign that informs you about the issue.

If you ever receive any of the indications mentioned above, do not ignore. Consult with an experienced technician before it is too late. Canadians are habituated with such potholes and often ignore the impact of it on the safety of their vehicles. You can always help your vehicle recover from pothole damages by booking an inspection at a reliable auto repair shop near you.

FTAutosEverything you need to Know about Pothole Damage


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