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How to detect an error in your car engine automatically?

Engine maintenance is the most important aspect of your car. Without a properly working engine, your car may cause more troubles than you can imagine. Regular car engine service is vital to keep your car in perfect working condition. Let’s see why it is so important for your vehicle.

Car engine service and why it is important?

Inspection of the car engine is essential to understand whether there are any prevailing problems or issues that might occur in the future. When you go to engine check services, they can diagnose the problem and eliminate any long-term issues. Often, your vehicle might have problems that are not clearly visible to you but may lead to damages that can cost you heavily in the pocket.

car engine service

When you get the car engine service done, you can be assured that the faults will not emerge while you are driving. It provides you with manufacturer’s notifications and keeps the engine up-to-date to match the long runs that you are planning for yourself.

Professional mechanics use car computerized diagnostics to detect errors with the car engine that are causing it to perform poorly. Engine faults can lead to more fuel consumption, noise while driving, carburetor problems, and lead to much bigger issues.

Automatic error detection in engines through diagnostics tests enables you to curb carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency. It reduces the time taken to identify errors and allows mechanics to quickly fix problems that may arise.

Detect errors in your engine with our auto mechanic computerized diagnostics

Fine Tuned Autos has a car computerized diagnostic system for detecting errors in your car. We used advanced analysis techniques to check the car engine for identifying any issues.

Our system can analyze both past and present issues and create a record of everything that is wrong with the vehicle’s performance. The automatic error detection in the engine also enables us to identify any faults that may occur in the future. Our experts can fix them rapidly, saving you a lot of time and money in the process.

computerized diagnostics

Our automatic error detection system can help you with;

  • Engine ignition system diagnostics
  • Deep engine code check
  • Engine overheating problems
  • Oil light testing and diagnostics
  • Charging system monitoring
  • Replacing older control modules
  • Computer system repairs

Apart from this, we provide a plethora of engine check services that improve the performance of your vehicle and lead to a swift driving experience. 

What can a car diagnostic tell you?

Car diagnostics are an integral part of maintenance and servicing your vehicle. It tells us whether something is off, the performance of your vehicle, and the component optimization to deliver an amazing ride.

It can tell you about any breakdowns in the different systems of the car that power it and offer support for proper functioning. 

car diagnostic

The car diagnostic tool will tell you whether there is a problem in the car. Such as ignition, transmission, fuel injection, engine, RPM levels, temperature, crankshaft, or throttle opening. Since most components are not visible and require experts for maintenance, it is common to leave them unnoticed, which ultimately causes bigger problems for your car.

A car diagnostic also enables you to understand which components require immediate maintenance or repair. A faulty system may break your vehicle completely and keep it standing at the mechanic’s shop for days. It is better to undergo a car computerized diagnostics and address the issue before it becomes major trouble for you.


Automatic error detection saves a lot of time and money during diagnostics. The mechanic may take hours just to identify a single issue with a single component. By taking your car to an engine check services professional with auto diagnostics, you can be assured of superior quality testing and identification of any problems with your car.

FTAutosHow to detect an error in your car engine automatically?

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