Getting the Most for Your Scrap Car

When we think of the traditional scrap yard, we may conjure up images of the “rag and bone” style skinflint dealer who will give us tuppence ha’penny for our car while making a tidy profit from the scrap metal. While it’s true that scrapping rates will always be more underwhelming than a sales figure, you


Why Ride-Sharing Services Could Solve a Major Issue for Fixed Ops

Why Ride-Sharing Services Are Proving Effective in Attracting Customers For Availing Dealer’s Fixed Ops Services? As the competition in the ride-sharing market gets more and more stiff, vehicle dealers are experiencing a tough time protecting their business’s bottom line from reducing and unpredictable customer loyalties. Of course, fixed operations account for almost 49% of monetary


Michelin Introduce Puncture Proof Airless Tire – X-Tweel

Flat tires have always been one of the biggest and most common troubles. Most auto manufacturing companies don’t even provide the facility of a spare tire in case of tire failure. Manufacturers are now eliminating the extra tire option in the view to reduce costs and but indeed have improved the fuel efficiency. Low air

Oil Change Toronto

Professional Oil Change Services for Car Models like Honda, Toyota

According to auto experts, oil changing on regular intervals is an essential part of car servicing. Vehicle needs an oil change after every 3,500 miles for regular oils and 5000 miles for synthetic oils. Car owners often take such complicated task lightly and end up choosing a mechanic that provides a least expensive and quick

Auto Repairing Shop Near Me

Hire the Right Auto Repairing Shop near You

Finding auto repair shops near me often seems to be an easy task because while searching for it you come across a number of repairing shops nearby. But you should never forget that auto engine and transmission are the most complicated elements of your vehicle that require expert hands to get repaired. That is why

What you need to know about your Car’s Transmission System

Transmission is one of the most essential functions that a vehicle performs. It ensures that whenever you alter the speed of your car, its wheels move forth with just the right amount of power. In the current times, transmission systems are getting increasingly complex. They working in consonance with hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems. This

Car AC Repair in Toronto

Car AC Repair – Troubleshooting Tips

It’s that time of the year again. With summer temperatures reaching records high, your only solace is the cold breeze emanating from your car’s AC vents. But, it so often happens that when you least expect it, your AC vent begins to blow hot air. As frustrating as this can be, there are preventive measures

Auto Repair in Toronto

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Auto Repair in Toronto

In today’s day and age, it’s absolutely impossible to imagine our lives without automobiles. Just like cell phones and the internet, our fossil-fuelled machines have become an integral part of our lives. Whether they’re used for personal or commercial purposes, it’s difficult to imagine how our lifestyles could ever be sustained without these machines. An

oil change services

Where to Get a Routine Oil Change in Toronto

Changing the engine oil of a car is one of the very few maintenance aspects. Yet, most vehicle owners do not have the appropriate knowledge regarding engine oil and the role that it plays in the overall functioning of a car. They mostly follow what they are told by either the representative at the dealership