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Everything you need to Know about Pothole Damage

Canada is known for its severe winter conditions and many believe that winter is the season of potholes. Potholes can massively damage your vehicle and the saddest part is, not everyone is aware of it. During this season, pitted asphalt and hidden holes in the road make it difficult for motorists to escape from the damage. Though it might not be obvious but hitting a pothole can cause havoc on your car if neglected.

Big Pothole Can Seriously Damage to Tires and Vehicles Condition

Well, avoiding potholes becomes a bit easy if you are driving attentively during the daytime with clear visibility but it turns out to be a challenge if you are driving at night. If you end up hitting a deep, dreaded divot in the road, from steering misalignment to a tire puncture anything could happen. Whether the damage is major or minor, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of motorists are still not aware of the pothole damages or the impact of it on their vehicles. In this blog, FineTunedAutos have given the answers of some commonly asked questions regarding this issue so that you can keep yourself and your vehicle safe during pothole seasons.

Let’s have a look at the ways a pothole can harm your vehicle

  • Damage in the wheel rim
  • Damage in the suspension with broken components
  • Misalignment of the steering system
  • Damage in the exhaust system
  • Engine damage
  • Tire puncture etc

What is the impact of pothole damage to your vehicle safety?

Tires and wheels

If you notice a sizeable dent in your tire rims, it is a clear sign of tire damage which can even lead to a flat tire or a leakage. Again a bubble or a bulge in your tire sidewall indicates that something is wrong with the inner lining of the tire which could be dangerous. Do not continue driving if you witness something like this. It is better to stop somewhere for help instead of risking your safety.

Steering wheels

No one knows your car better than you when it comes to its driving capabilities. So it is evident that even a minor change in your driving experience would not go unnoticed. Pay attention if you feel like your steering wheel is vibrating. It could be a clear indication of misalignment of steering component which can also be caused by potholes. Take your vehicle to the nearest auto mechanic for a thorough inspection to get to the root of the issue.

Fluid leaking under your car

Potholes can also damage your car’s undercarriage and the extent depends on its depth. Undercarriages easily come in touch with the road when the vehicle dips down into a pothole. This results in fluid leaks and also accumulates rust in places which are not even accessible to you.

Unusual noise from your exhaust system

Just like the undercarriage damage, you cannot see the damage in your exhaust system but you can hear it. An unusual sound coming from your exhaust system is the sign that informs you about the issue.

If you ever receive any of the indications mentioned above, do not ignore. Consult with an experienced technician before it is too late. Canadians are habituated with such potholes and often ignore the impact of it on the safety of their vehicles. You can always help your vehicle recover from pothole damages by booking an inspection at a reliable auto repair shop near you.

FTAutosEverything you need to Know about Pothole Damage
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Save Big on Muffler Repair or Replacement

Cars can be the trickiest things to own — you feel immense pride when you look at the set of wheels that you own, and it is one of those belongings in life that you do not feel bad spending a bit more for.

However, cars often lead to unexpected expenses that can run you a bill of hundreds of dollars. We’ve all been there and the curveballs are always challenging to deal with.

One such heavy, unexpected expense occurs with muffler repair. A muffler and exhaust setup is more than just an ancillary part of your vehicle — it is at the very core of your car’s mechanical bearings, ejecting fumes and suppressing combustion noises.

Choose the Right Muffler Shop to Save on Your Car’s Repairs

A muffler is often the most exposed and abused part in a car, being exposed to extreme heat, physical shocks and dirt all along. It is important to know if you need to opt for a muffler repair or muffler replacement. Here’s how you should go about it.

Identify Symptoms Early

Before you start searching for ‘muffler auto repairs shops near me‘ on the internet, it is essential to identify whether your car is showing symptoms of a damaged muffler. The first symptoms that show up happen to be the smell of smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, and the slight hint of fumes wafting into your cabin from outside.

Prevent Engine Deterioration

You might also start hearing a cracking, popping noise that’s unnaturally loud, coming from your exhaust system even when your car is static with the ignition on. A drop in the overall mileage typically accompanies such symptoms since the muffler, and exhaust setup is responsible for smoothly getting rid of the exhaust gases from the combustion engine. A failure to do this can drastically reduce the efficiency of the engine, which is a certain indicator of your car’s muffler requiring special attention.

The faster you can identify these symptoms and act on them; the more can you veer towards muffler repair, and avoid expensive procedures of replacement.

Repair vs Replacement

The most important factor that can help you identify whether you need muffler replacement or repair is going to the right, trustworthy dealer, and knowing the full functioning of your car. Many dealers and service centers often state that you would need to replace the entire muffler and exhaust system without attempting to repair it, which can lead to unprecedented expenses. Make sure you know how the muffler works, and to which extent is it riddled with holes and damages, to identify the solution that works best for you.

Financing Your Repair

Often, your muffler replacement or repair bill can run quite high for a regular servicing run. In such cases, some of the best service providers allow you to finance your repair bill. These financing services are provided even to those with zero or low credit, and you instantly get to know if you’re approved for financing, thereby helping you save a considerable chunk of expenditure behind your car.

When you head out with your car next, ensure that you keep the above-mentioned factors in mind, to ensure that your muffler does not go beyond the scope of acceptable repair, and thus ends up imposing heavy expenses on you. After all, driving should always be less about worrying and more about joy.

Muffler repair in Toronto has one of the best stores— Fine Tuned Autos, in North York, Toronto. The trusted servicing center gives you a detailed analysis of your car’s muffler, and specifies the cost differences over both long and short term, hence letting you judge wisely.

FTAutosSave Big on Muffler Repair or Replacement
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Competitive guide between all-weather and all-season tires

A detailed competitive study between all weather tires and all season tires

Drivers often find themselves in a dilemma while choosing a suitable type of tires for their vehicles. The question that frequently haunts them is whether they should go for all weather tires or all-season tires. In order to take the right decision for your car, you need to have a clear idea on the differences between the two types of tires. Every driver’s requirements are different based on the weather and road conditions they face throughout the year.

Suppose you live in a city or suburb and thoroughly enjoy the mid Canadian winter season with light snow and cold but not extreme temperature. For such season you do not require winter tires and at the same time, you do not prefer all season tires. All you want is an all weather tire.

Now let’s have a close look at the difference between all season tires vs all weather tires.


  • All weather tires are built to provide maximum winter safety and reliability
  • These specially designed tires come with designated mountain snowflake winter tire symbol which signifies that they have fulfilled the requirements to be considered safe for even extreme winter conditions in Canada
  • On the other hand, all season tires only offer safety during spring summer and fall.


  • All weather tires are made with a special rubber compound that provides flexibility to it even at temperatures above and below 7 c for better stability and grip on everything starting from bare asphalt to fresh snow.
  • At the same time the rubber compound at all season tires get hard at temperatures below 7C, they can even take up to 30 meters long to completely stop on smooth ice, even at just -1c, where the road becomes slippery and dangerous due to thin layers of water.

Grip and control

  • When it comes to a superior grip and control, all weather tires are the best choice for your vehicle. In order to achieve a better grip and stability during winter, these tires are exclusively designed with an aggressive tread pattern with thick tread blocks to bite the snow.
  • In contrast the, tread pattern in all season tires are made for comfort and fuel efficiency.

Slush and hydroplaning

  • All weather tires are capable of fighting with slush and hydroplaning. Hydroplaning takes place when water layer builds between the road surfaces and wheels. It is one of the dangerous conditions for a vehicle in which it stops responding to control units. The wide channels and grooves of all weather tires capture and drive away water and slush so that your tires can always stay in touch with the road.
  • Unlike all-weather tires, the channels of all season tires are thin and get clogged up with snow and slush in the winter making the surface slippery and unsafe.

From the above mentioned competitive study, it has become pretty evident that all weather tires provide superior performance and are efficient in dealing with climate obstacles starting from rough ice to soft snow or hard packed snow. They even do not get affected by wet asphalt as they provide an equal level of performance during summer as well. All weather tires are known to be one of the best winter tires for city drivers.

Some of the top brand all-weather new tires you can purchase:

  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Yokohama
  • Kumho
  • Pirelli
  • Toyo
  • General
  • Bridgestone

If you have plans to get your vehicle’s tires replaced, get in touch with us at FineTuneAutos. We have tires from renowned brands like BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Michelin and many more in our stock to fulfill your requirement within your budget. For more details ring us at (416) 243-0949 or (416) 271-7718.

FTAutosCompetitive guide between all-weather and all-season tires
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Transmission Repair Services: A Must for a Healthy Vehicle

If you hear grinding noises from your car or are experiencing hard shifting and gear slipping, chances are that you have been negligent about your car’s transmission health and should immediately be heading for the transmission repair services near you.

Transmission is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle – it is one of ‘the’ things that make your car what it is. A damaged transmission status may even prove to be fatal to your car. Hence, it is very important for you to get your transmission checked and serviced on a regular basis.

What is Transmission?

A complex set-up of gears and sensors set up between your tires and engine ensure the efficient transfer of energy from the engine to the tires. This set up is called transmission. This enables the driver to control the tires (essentially, the vehicle). As one might guess, the transfer of energy produces heat which in turn is the cause of the wear and tear of the tires and other parts of the car body.

To prevent this, transmission fluid is used as a coolant. Over time, when this coolant gets used up, temperature regulation is affected which causes the vigorous grinding sounds and a hard gear shift experience. Usually, a transmission lasts up to 100,000 miles with regular servicing sessions.

Transmission Flush

If you experience a burning smell in your car, chances are that your transmission fluid is full of dust and debris. The best course of action in such a case is to flush out the old oil and fill your transmission with fresh transmission fluid. This way, you can eliminate all the grime and sludge accumulated over miles of driving and can renew the vehicles over-all life. An instant boost in performance goes with a well-done transmission flush.

Apart from transmission flush, one must also indulge in regular clutch maintenance. Often neglected during a regular car service, clutch maintenance can extend your car’s life and ensure that your car doesn’t have roadside breakdowns. Ideally made for up to 75,000 miles, you must regularly service your clutch to maintain your vehicle’s longevity.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilds

There are times when transmission replacement is absolutely necessary. However, before opting for this and shelling out a huge amount of money, you must consider a transmission rebuild – a pocket-friendly alternative. In a typical transmission rebuild, your transmission is dismantled and the good parts are separated out. Now the worn-out parts are replaced, reassembled and then refitted into your car. Also, there are times when a rebuild works way better than a transmission replacement as the good parts are already in harmony with your car. Transmission repair services are what ensure that your car remains in top-notch form.

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Transmission

A healthy transmission equals an improved gas mileage, and what is the better way to save money than keeping your gas mileage at the top always?

Here are a few tips to help you go about it:
  • During winters, allow your car to heat up a bit before putting it in gear. Switch on your engine and sit for a while to allow the transmission fluid to heat up and do its job optimally.
  • Don’t press the brake pedal continuously and unnecessarily. Riding the brake is a hard job for your transmission.
  • Keep your fuel injector nozzle clean to maintain a uniform fuel charge spray. A regular service would take care of that.
  • Replace your air filter regularly to maintain the best efficiency ratio.
How Can I Find the Best Car Transmission Repair Services near Me?

If you want to get your transmission repaired, rebuilt or serviced, navigate through, one of the leading local transmission repair shops near you. Our certified experts can make your gear shifting experience smoother, your car engine performance higher, and your component failure chances lower. Also, we have a differential and CV axial repair unit that is just right for an unbalanced engine torque fix. Call (416) 243 – 0949 to grab an appointment today!

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Auto Mechanic Computerized Diagnostics: What is it?

Every modern day car or truck is made up of a number of microprocessors. These are mini-computers that can record and report issues with your vehicle when connected to a properly configured computer. And that is your mechanic’s dirty little secret!

Whenever you take your vehicle for evaluation of faults and damages, he simply runs it through the Auto Mechanic for Car Computerized Diagnostics. The computer device ideally records mechanical and other defects and reports them accurately. This is essential to enable your car repairman to follow the best course of action according to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair procedure.

History of Computerized Engine Diagnostics

While cars with microprocessors weren’t seen before 1926, car computerized diagnostics did not become popular until the arrival of the 1980s. In the 1980s, General Motors released the concept of a “check engine” light which reported the problem to the repairman.

Before that, in the era where people relied on the “idiot lights” to light up if something went wrong, it was very difficult to fathom ‘what’ went wrong. As soon as the emission testing was made compulsory, the “check engine” light was adopted in all the vehicles manufactured. Today, these sensors can scan every part of your car, from engines to windshields.

Pre- and Post-Repair Diagnostic Scans

As you may have understood by now, a computerized diagnostic scan is able to report problems that cannot be revealed by any other diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in these before your car malfunctions and costs you way more than just money.

Taking into consideration a hypothetical scenario of an accident, it is important to get every part of your car fixed once it is damaged – from broken windows to computer parts.

The scan that is done right after the accident and before the repair procedures to identify the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) is called the pre-repair diagnostic scan.

The scan done after the repairs is called the post-repair diagnostic scan. It is a way of verification that the repair procedures were successful and will not trigger additional problems.

If you find DTCs in your post-repair diagnostic scan, it indicates misalignment of parts or damaged parts.

What Can a Car Diagnostic Tell You?

The diagnostic software will receive signals from sensors and microprocessors if there is a fault in these areas:

  • Ignition
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Fuel injection
  • Ignition coil power
  • RPM levels
  • Temperature
  • Camshaft and crankshaft
  • Throttle opening

If one of these areas light up, it certainly is an indication of your vehicle not being safe enough for you to drive.

Why Does Your Car Need a Human Technician?

Well, computerized diagnostics are undeniably an amazing and effective way to find out the problems with your vehicle. However, your car repairman is still an indispensable part of your car evaluation. A DTC will only tell a mechanic that the Powertrain Control Module detected a change in the circuit that is not supposed to happen. It is now the mechanic’s job to dig deep in that particular area to find out precisely what went wrong and fix it.

How Often Should You Take Your Car for the Diagnostic Test?

Your technician may tell you that you should bring in your car every 6 months. However, this is not necessary. If your car hasn’t been through an accident or other mishaps, manufacturers recommend taking your car for a computerized diagnostic checkup once a year. Also, after an accident, a computerized diagnostic is the most economical plan of action.

At Fine Tuned Auto we provide a comprehensive repair service that takes care of all the important aspects that help run your vehicle smooth and hassle-free. From a complete ignition system diagnostics and deep engine analysis to engine overheating diagnostics and a no-start diagnostics, we have a solution for all your warning lights. To know more about car diagnostic tests near you and get personalized advice, call (416) 243 – 0949 or log on to

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Professional Oil Change Services for Car Models like Honda, Toyota

According to auto experts, oil changing on regular intervals is an essential part of car servicing. Vehicle needs an oil change after every 3,500 miles for regular oils and 5000 miles for synthetic oils. Car owners often take such complicated task lightly and end up choosing a mechanic that provides a least expensive and quick service.

The truth is that compromising on the service quality to save fewer bucks, it will cost more in future. To ensure the good health of a vehicle engine, check its oil level when it is parked on a flat surface.

Being a car owner don’t avoid to the warning signs of damage that your car is trying to convey through awkward sounds, smells or light pop. When such small issues are ignored for a longer period, it turns into a bigger one.

Oil changing is a part of your routine car maintenance that guarantees that everything is operating smoothly. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before choosing an North York car mechanic for changing the oil.

Consider following tips to make sure your vehicle is in the right hands:

1. Type of cars they service – at the very beginning of the research, ask the mechanic who will be handling your vehicle about the type of cars they service. This is because some auto mechanic shops only offer service to standard cars like Toyota, Honda, and Ford and not to specialty cars.

It is evident that oil replacements in such vehicles are less expensive than the oil replacement in the vehicles like Audi or BMW. The technique also differs from each other and not every technician specializes in both the areas.

2. What’s included in the cost of an oil change – while discussing the service charges with the shop read details of the things which are included in it. On one hand, there are shops that change oil and filter along with the top off your fluids and also check the tube and belts in your vehicle.

Whereas, some rotate your tires and also clean up your car when you take it to them for an oil change. To get the best in your budget you should inquire about the services you will be offered additionally at the cost of an oil change.

3. If they book appointments – asking a mechanic shop, whether they accept appointments or not, this can save your time in a great way. It is always a good idea to book an appointment prior to the service to avoid waiting longer for your car’s number to come.

When it comes to your vehicle’s oil changing project, always rely on a mechanic who holds sufficient knowledge in this field so that you can get a favorable result. Don’t risk your car’s health just because you are in hurry. That is why it is always advised to you to start paying attention to the initial signs of your car’s damage to avoid a major one in the future.

Next time when you type car service near me or oil change in York, Toronto on Google, do not forget to consider the above-mentioned points before finalizing a mechanic for your car.

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Hire the Right Auto Repairing Shop near You

Finding auto repair shops near me often seems to be an easy task because while searching for it you come across a number of repairing shops nearby. But you should never forget that auto engine and transmission are the most complicated elements of your vehicle that require expert hands to get repaired.

That is why a little research on the service quality of various shops is an absolute necessity for the better health of your vehicle. If you are someone who refuses to settle down for anything less, you cannot afford to avoid it. Looking for trustworthy auto repair expert in your locality can be a time-consuming process.

It becomes more difficult for the people for whom it is essential to have a working car on a daily basis. This is the reason why minor issues of vehicles are often neglected till they become major. To simplify this task, we have listed down some amazing tips that will surely take you to the best repairing shop near you.

Do not wait till it’s too late

As we have discussed earlier, you should never ignore the minor issues of your vehicle. Start planning for it before it really needs a mechanical assistance. This is because if you are in a rush for it, you will never be able to find the right one for your car. In such a situation, getting your car immediately becomes a priority and you fail to pay attention to anything else.

Ask for reviews/recommendation

Don’t hesitate to ask your relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors for recommendations. Their reviews are based on their experiences with the repairing shops in your area, which will help you the best in saving your time and money in this project.

Also Read: Things to remember when searching for Auto Repair Shops near me in Toronto

Online reviews

Besides the references you get from your friends and relatives, you should also consider the online reviews of various repairing shops. The word of mouth referrals might not always cover the major automobile issues that need attention. Here comes the role of online reviews that contain feedback from unbiased consumers. Almost every shop’s website has a review section where people share their positive and negative experiences with the world.

Get cost estimates

It is an undeniable fact that the service cost often influences people’s decision in this regard. It is advised to not to make the final choice solely based on the price. You should first take estimates from different shops and make a comparison and finally select the one that offers you the best service in an affordable range.

Inquire more about service details

You should always have a detailed conversation with the owner of the shop to get a clear idea of their repairing techniques. Ask them whether they routinely initiate a test drive after the repairing operation is done. Don’t forget to inquire about their insurance plan to cover your car while it remains in their custody. Make sure each and every query of yours is answered in details and given proper attention.

Car handling is not a child’s play; it requires qualified mechanics that are experienced and capable of handling major auto issues. A little online research with the help of above-mentioned tips can help you find a good and reliable auto mechanic North York. Even after getting all your queries solved, if you still feel doubtful about their performance, you can always clear your doubt with a small repairing job to see their work efficiency.

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Finding a Trustworthy Auto Mechanics Near Me

Car owners often have to struggle to find a reliable car mechanic. Despite all efforts, it is difficult to find a seasoned auto mechanics near me who can identify the slightest problem by listening to the rumbling engine. What are the hurdles faced in the process of finding an auto mechanic? We have outlined some of the most popular reasons here.

No Prior Interaction

Your car is a prized possession and you would certainly not want anyone to fiddle with it, especially if they are an unknown entity. Most car owners don’t take their faulty vehicles to the auto shops because they don’t have prior experience dealing with repair center professionals. This is a valid problem as you don’t know whether the mechanic is a genuine problem solver or just another fellow trying to rip you off. Moreover, the auto shop may only work on specific car brands, and if you don’t own one of those, it completely rules out the possibility of consideration.

No Recommendations

Nowadays, you can perform an online search for everything, but still, personal recommendations are always preferable. And when it comes to look for auto repair shops near you, suggestions are simply indispensable, you can consult your friends, relatives, and colleagues for reliable suggestions. Let’s say your car requires a mechanical tune-up. You can ask people around you to recommend an expert specializing in this particular niche. Also, you can rely on online reviews, search lists, and forums to locate an auto shop.

No Expertise and Certifications

Car engines have evolved drastically over the years and since there are so many complexities and variations, you should scout for experts who have prior working experience, and accreditations. But, it is possible that there are no auto experts in your area. For example, if you are looking for an auto mechanic in North York, you might end up locating none with the required level of expertise.

Usually, accredited auto shops are the most reliable as they are constantly reviewed. York auto service providers are licensed as Motor Vehicle Inspection Station by the Ministry of Transportation. Check out for certifications like these before driving your car to the repair workshop.

Upselling is a Problem

This is the most prominent reason amongst all. Most of the mechanics try to rip you off your hard-earned money. If you don’t have the basic knowledge of how your car functions, you may end up paying hefty repair bills. Once you are in the auto shop, and the mechanic tries to bluff you by promoting unnecessary services, leave the workshop without any hesitation.

Some car workshops promote specific brands as they get lucrative commissions. Not only this, they don’t hesitate in replacing a branded part with a low-quality part just to gain higher profits. It is advised to do your research before giving your nod for the repair or replacement. You can also simply opt for a mechanic who gives genuine suggestions.

The Bottom Line

Google search for ‘auto mechanics near me‘ and review all the options before driving your vehicle to a workshop. An auto shop that doesn’t fall into one of the aforementioned categories should be your priority. Opt for a service provider that has transparent policies, an organized workshop, and a regular inflow of customers. You can avoid visiting an unreliable auto shop by simply following these guidelines.

FTAutosFinding a Trustworthy Auto Mechanics Near Me
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What you need to know about your Car’s Transmission System

Transmission is one of the most essential functions that a vehicle performs. It ensures that whenever you alter the speed of your car, its wheels move forth with just the right amount of power. In the current times, transmission systems are getting increasingly complex. They working in consonance with hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems. This is why their maintenance and repair requires special attention. Though there are numerous facilities available for transmission repair in Toronto, you need to find a way to make the preliminary checks yourself.

Transmission faults generally arise due to overheating. This can either be attributed to racing, heavy pulling, frequent stoppages or simply due to the vagaries of weather. However, it is important to understand that transmission systems and their functioning drastically varies for cars which run automatically and manually.

In the cars with manual transmission, you need to temporarily disconnect the engine and transmission while shifting gears. This happens by pushing the clutch. Alternately, in an automatic transmission, the presence of a torque converter senses gear changes and allows the shift to be seamless. This ensures that the engine and the transmission stay permanently connected.

transmission repair in north york

Before you conduct a comprehensive vehicular inspection on your own, you need to find out whether your transmission system is fitted with a drain plug, a pan or both. A drain plug would help you identify how the transmission fluid is being actually used. Is it being appropriately drained? Is there any leakage that you might be unaware of? Are there any accumulated deposits? If there are, are they being properly checked? Nevertheless, how do you know if your car carries a transmission drain plug or not?

As any workshop specializing in transmission repair shops near me in North York, Toronto would tell you, there are a number of ways through which the presence or absence of a drain plug can be known. These 4 steps are:

  1. The simplest way to know if your car has a transmission drain plug is to lift it up with a jack and see for yourself. The drain plug is usually located around the pan which houses the transmission fluid. In the absence of a drain plug, you will need to go to shops specializing in transmission repair in Toronto to open up the bolts of the pan and clean it.
  2. If you don’t know where to look, you can simply pick up the car maintenance manual and find out what kind of transmission it has. The manual will have a full diagram of the transmission model along with a detailed sketch of the pan. If your car has a drain plug, it would be mentioned here.
  3. Another way to figure this out is by experiencing the consequences of a drain plug’s absence. Once you have exceeded your vehicle’s mileage, the transmission fuel will begin to show signs of leaking. The pan, owing to its limited capacity, would be unable to store it for long. To assist you, the workshops specializing in transmission repair in North York, Brampton or Mississauga would have to drill a hole in the pan and empty its contents so that your vehicle can function smoothly.
  4. Last but not the least you can directly search the internet for ‘transmission repair shops near me‘ and seek a professional opinion. An auto mechanic would be able to identify if your car has a transmission drain plug. They would also be able to tell you at what intervals you should get your car serviced so that the absence of a drain plug does not cause harm to the transmission oil.

Seek Proper Transmission
If you are looking for good transmission shops near you, Fine Tuned Autos is the place to go to. With their computerized diagnostics, safety inspections and a complete line of automotive services, they ensure that all your transmission problems are resolved, with or without a drain plug.

The importance of proper transmission can be gauged from the simple fact that it doesn’t just facilitate the movement of your car but it also results in fuel economy and a longer vehicle life. Thereby, it is vital that you know which parts make up your car’s transmission system and how can you ensure that they remain unscathed.

FTAutosWhat you need to know about your Car’s Transmission System
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Car AC Repair – Troubleshooting Tips

It’s that time of the year again. With summer temperatures reaching records high, your only solace is the cold breeze emanating from your car’s AC vents. But, it so often happens that when you least expect it, your AC vent begins to blow hot air. As frustrating as this can be, there are preventive measures that can be taken to ensure that you are never in this sort of predicament.

Like any other component of your car, your AC tends to malfunction over time. There are over 20 components that make up your car’s AC unit. To function properly, all the components need to operate in airtight conditions. Regular (once a year at least) checks of your AC unit will help you avoid any issues from creeping up.

This article will discuss the common reasons behind the failure of a vehicle’s AC system and the measures you can take to avoid breakdowns. Read on to know more.

#1 Refrigerant Gas Leak
Gas leak is possibly the number one cause of AC failure. It can occur through hoses, old seals and gaskets or leaky condensers.

Reach out to a car AC repair near you, and get your car AC system checked for free. If any leaks detected, the AC technician will check your car more thoroughly. The technician will do this by injecting a fluorescent dye into the AC system. The fluorescent dye will indicate specific areas where a leak is present.

#2 Faulty AC Compressors
The compressor is an indispensable part of your car’s AC system. As a result, this also makes it relatively expensive to repair or replace. There are many ways by which you can diagnose a faulty compressor. The clutch (located at the front of the compressor attached to a pulley (black belt)) should operate without constantly ‘clicking’ off. If the clutch spins and then immediately switches off repeatedly, it indicates that the pressure cut-off switch is preventing the compressor from operating and your compressor is faulty.

Note: Because the compressor being a fairly complex component, it is best to replace it rather than trying to repair it. Repairing air condensers have generally proven to be an exercise in futility over time and are a burden on the car owner.

#3 Low Refrigerant Gas
Over time, the refrigerant gas or Freon in your car AC system tends to evaporate. Low gas level don’t always point to a leak; it could just be low system PSI pressure arising from insufficient gas. The gas level can be checked by reading the high and low-pressure values. The low-pressure value should be near 30 PSI at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or less, while the high-pressure value should be about twice the ambient temperature, plus 50 PSI.

If your car’s AC gas level is below the high and low PSI limits, you should go to a auto air conditioning repair near you where they will refill the refrigerant gas. Remember to ask your AC technician to replace the sealant kit before recharging the refrigerant gas.

#4 Dirty Evaporator Core
An AC evaporator core is a part of the AC unit where the refrigerant absorbs heat from the cabin, and with the help of the condenser coil releases that heat outside. Dirt in the form of mould or mildew accumulates in the evaporator core from the moisture that is present during the cooling process. As a result, the cool air has trouble reaching the car’s air vents. A car AC repair in Toronto can help you maintain your evaporator core by checking and cleaning as needed.

Annual preventive maintenance is a key factor to keep your car’s AC running in top condition. This should be done at least once a year, ideally before the summer season. During the maintenance check, ask your local car AC repair near me to include the checks mentioned earlier in the service schedule. Finally, ensure you get a professional HVAC technician to look after your cooling problems. This will ensure hassle-free cooling in the future.

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