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Auto Mechanic Computerized Diagnostics: What is it?

Are Car diagnostic tests important for your vehicle?

Every modern day car or truck is made up of a number of microprocessors. These are mini-computers that can record and report issues with your vehicle when connected to a properly configured computer. And that is your mechanic’s dirty little secret! Whenever you take your vehicle for evaluation of faults and damages, he simply runs it through the Auto Mechanic for car computerized diagnostics.

The computer device ideally records mechanical and other defects and reports them accurately. This is essential to enable your car repairman to follow the best course of action according to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair procedure.

History of computerized engine diagnostics

While cars with microprocessors weren’t seen before 1926, car computerized diagnostics did not become popular until the arrival of the 1980s. In the 1980s, General Motors released the concept of a “check engine” light which reported the problem to the repairman.

Before that, in the era where people relied on the “idiot lights” to light up if something went wrong, it was very difficult to fathom ‘what’ went wrong. As soon as the emission testing was made compulsory, the “check engine” light was adopted in all the vehicles manufactured. Today, these sensors can scan every part of your car, from engines to windshields.

Pre-repair and post-repair diagnostic scans

As you may have understood by now, a computerized diagnostic scan is able to report problems that cannot be revealed by any other diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in these before your car malfunctions and costs you way more than just money.

Taking into consideration a hypothetical scenario of an accident, it is important to get every part of your car fixed once it is damaged – from broken windows to computer parts.

The scan that is done right after the accident and before the repair procedures to identify the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) is called the pre-repair diagnostic scan.

The scan is done after the repairs are called the post-repair diagnostic scan. It is a way of verification that the repair procedures were successful and will not trigger additional problems.

If you find DTCs in your post-repair diagnostic scan, it indicates misalignment of parts or damaged parts.

What can a Car diagnostic tell you?

The diagnostic software will receive signals from sensors and microprocessors if there is a fault in these areas:

  • Ignition
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Fuel injection
  • Ignition coil power
  • RPM levels
  • Temperature
  • Camshaft and crankshaft
  • Throttle opening

If one of these areas light up, it certainly is an indication of your vehicle not being safe enough for you to drive.

Why does your Car need a human technician?

Well, computerized diagnostics are undeniably an amazing and effective way to find out the problems with your vehicle. However, your car repairman is still an indispensable part of your car evaluation. A DTC will only tell an auto mechanic that the Powertrain Control Module detected a change in the circuit that is not supposed to happen. It is now the auto mechanic’s job to dig deep in that particular area to find out precisely what went wrong and fix it.

How often should you take your Car for the diagnostic test?

Your technician may tell you that you should bring in your car every 6 months. However, this is not necessary. If your car hasn’t been through an accident or other mishaps, manufacturers recommend taking your car for a computerized diagnostic checkup once a year. Also, after an accident, a computerized diagnostic is the most economical plan of action.

At Fine Tuned Auto we provide a comprehensive auto repair service that takes care of all the important aspects that help run your vehicle smooth and hassle-free. From a complete ignition system diagnostics and deep engine analysis to engine overheating diagnostics and a no-start diagnostics, we have a solution for all your warning lights. Visit our auto garage in York, Toronto, to learn more about car diagnostic tests or to get personalized advice, call (416)-243-0949 or log on to schedule.

FTAutosAuto Mechanic Computerized Diagnostics: What is it?

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