Auto Electrical Repair & Service North York

The problem in your car doesn’t always have to be mechanical. With the vehicle’s electrical system running everywhere, a simple fault in one of those systems might cause a failure. As a vehicle owner, you should opt for electrical diagnostics from an auto electrical services North York. And Fine Tuned Autos is the place you need to be at.

Our auto repair professionals will initially diagnose your car for any symptoms of electrical system damage. These symptoms often point out which system has failed. For instance, if there is any short circuit evidence, a car wiring specialist will fix it immediately.

auto electrical repair service North York

Best Auto Electrical Repair & Service in North York

We offer all the electrical system diagnostics and repair services you need. With trained specialists, we find the best solutions that save you time and money.


Fine Tuned Auto is a full-service auto electrical repair & service shop in North York. We’ve been helping local drivers keep their cars running smoothly. Our staff is trained in all areas of vehicle electronic diagnostics, and we have a team of certified technicians ready to provide you with the best service possible.

Common Electrical Problems

Looking at the following problems, you can identify the repair you need for your precious vehicle.

  • Starter Troubles

Your starter is what initiates your car. Even when you have an excellent battery and other systems in perfect condition, a faulty starter won’t let you start your vehicle. If so, you must opt for an auto electrical repair North York. The professionals will most likely replace the starter with a new one. If your starter doesn’t produce the click sound, it is probably time to replace it sooner than later.

  • Battery Problems

The next thing to watch out for in the vehicle’s electrical system is the battery. A faulty battery often stops you from moving the car. There are two possibilities: Loose wiring or a dead battery. Call an auto repair professional before tampering with the battery. Also, remember, do not let the battery fluid touch your skin.

  • Malfunctioning Alternator

A car electrical North York specialist will look at the alternator next. If you experience your car slowing down without you releasing the accelerator, it is time for you to book an electrical system diagnostics and repair.

  • Spark Plug Errors

If the spark plug is loose, it might be troublesome even to start your car. Many times, people do not realize that there is an error in the spark plug. However, a sudden change in the vehicle’s performance might hint at the failure of the spark system. Make sure that you get it checked out by reliable auto repair professionals.

  • Fuse Box Issues

The car’s fuse box is the hub of all things electrical. It stops your electrical systems from getting damaged due to energy fluctuations. But, if your fuse box goes out frequently, you might need to get rid of your current fuse box and replace it with a new one. A car wiring specialist will look at the wires surrounding the fuse box before deciding whether to replace it.

  • Short Circuit

Electrical systems are sensitive to power above optimal limits. When it goes beyond certain limits, the circuit breaks. This leads to many other electrical systems-related problems. Also, never attempt to fix circuit problems by yourself. This is a serious malfunction that can lead to fiery accidents. If there is a burning plastic smell while driving the car, call nearby auto repair professionals immediately.


Bring your car to Fine Tuned Auto for a thorough and safe checkup of your vehicle. We ensure that every inch of your electrical system is scanned for faults. Our car electrical North York specialists verify all the systems and subsystems quickly.

Our electrical system diagnostics and repair cover all the problems mentioned above and help you rectify them at the most affordable price in the market. With experts lining up to serve your car, you cannot go wrong by choosing us. Call (416) 243-0949 or (416) 271-7718 or mail us at to book an appointment today!

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