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What you need to know about your Car’s Transmission System

Transmission is one of the most essential functions that a vehicle performs. It ensures that whenever you alter the speed of your car, its wheels move forth with just the right amount of power. In the current times, transmission systems are getting increasingly complex. They working in consonance with hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems. This is why their maintenance and repair requires special attention. Though there are numerous facilities available for transmission repair in Toronto, you need to find a way to make the preliminary checks yourself.

Transmission faults generally arise due to overheating. This can either be attributed to racing, heavy pulling, frequent stoppages or simply due to the vagaries of weather. However, it is important to understand that transmission systems and their functioning drastically varies for cars which run automatically and manually.

In the cars with manual transmission, you need to temporarily disconnect the engine and transmission while shifting gears. This happens by pushing the clutch. Alternately, in an automatic transmission, the presence of a torque converter senses gear changes and allows the shift to be seamless. This ensures that the engine and the transmission stay permanently connected.

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Before you conduct a comprehensive vehicular inspection on your own, you need to find out whether your transmission system is fitted with a drain plug, a pan or both. A drain plug would help you identify how the transmission fluid is being actually used. Is it being appropriately drained? Is there any leakage that you might be unaware of? Are there any accumulated deposits? If there are, are they being properly checked? Nevertheless, how do you know if your car carries a transmission drain plug or not?

As any workshop specializing in transmission repair shops near me in North York, Toronto would tell you, there are a number of ways through which the presence or absence of a drain plug can be known. These 4 steps are:

  1. The simplest way to know if your car has a transmission drain plug is to lift it up with a jack and see for yourself. The drain plug is usually located around the pan which houses the transmission fluid. In the absence of a drain plug, you will need to go to shops specializing in transmission repair in Toronto to open up the bolts of the pan and clean it.
  2. If you don’t know where to look, you can simply pick up the car maintenance manual and find out what kind of transmission it has. The manual will have a full diagram of the transmission model along with a detailed sketch of the pan. If your car has a drain plug, it would be mentioned here.
  3. Another way to figure this out is by experiencing the consequences of a drain plug’s absence. Once you have exceeded your vehicle’s mileage, the transmission fuel will begin to show signs of leaking. The pan, owing to its limited capacity, would be unable to store it for long. To assist you, the workshops specializing in transmission repair in North York, Brampton or Mississauga would have to drill a hole in the pan and empty its contents so that your vehicle can function smoothly.
  4. Last but not the least you can directly search the internet for ‘transmission repair shops near me‘ and seek a professional opinion. An auto mechanic would be able to identify if your car has a transmission drain plug. They would also be able to tell you at what intervals you should get your car serviced so that the absence of a drain plug does not cause harm to the transmission oil.

Seek Proper Transmission
If you are looking for good transmission shops near you, Fine Tuned Autos is the place to go to. With their computerized diagnostics, safety inspections and a complete line of automotive services, they ensure that all your transmission problems are resolved, with or without a drain plug.

The importance of proper transmission can be gauged from the simple fact that it doesn’t just facilitate the movement of your car but it also results in fuel economy and a longer vehicle life. Thereby, it is vital that you know which parts make up your car’s transmission system and how can you ensure that they remain unscathed.

FTAutosWhat you need to know about your Car’s Transmission System

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