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Why Ride-Sharing Services Could Solve a Major Issue for Fixed Ops

Why Ride-Sharing Services Are Proving Effective in Attracting Customers For Availing Dealer’s Fixed Ops Services?

As the competition in the ride-sharing market gets more and more stiff, vehicle dealers are experiencing a tough time protecting their business’s bottom line from reducing and unpredictable customer loyalties. Of course, fixed operations account for almost 49% of monetary gains for dealerships. This implies that issues in fixed ops should be addressed strategically in order to make each interaction with the customer rewarding.

Major Bottleneck in Making Customers Avail Fixed Ops

A customer who visits a particular dealer to avail fixed ops, like scheduled, preventive, or condition-based maintenance for his/her vehicle often prefers the same dealer for purchasing the next vehicle. This fact is endorsed by a research published in 2018.

The bottleneck or the problem, however, is that a customer, who is likely to travel the whole distance to the dealer’s workshop for purchasing vehicle may not want to travel the some distance again, for availing the fixed ops services. Some customers may cite inconvenient workshop location as the reason for them staying away.

So, the customer having purchased the vehicle from a dealer is no longer interested in visiting its workshop for availing the fixed ops services.

Embracing Ride-Sharing Mobility Services for Turning the Tide in Dealer’s Favour

The remedy to this problem potentially lies in ride-sharing services. Although, these services initially made dealers’ edgy due to the looming prospect of a drop in vehicle sales, now they are being viewed as expedients to boost the profitability of a dealers’ service departments.

Ride-sharing is progressively being included by dealers in their fixed ops for cost optimization and offering of better customer experience through improvement in flexibility and convenience. The distance between the customer and the workshop can now be bridged with the help of innovative mobility solutions.

Smartphone apps similar to ones offered by Lyft can help dealers break the ice in terms of new generation buyers, as don’t want to exert themselves too much.


Leveraging Mobility Solutions for Winning Back Customers

A ride-sharing app can offer valuable insights into how cutting-edge digital features can be used for capturing the attention of the next gen vehicle buyers. Ride-sharing options are being availed by an ever increasing number of millennials, today.

Fixed Ops service providers need to understand how customers can be favourably influenced by promising easy and efficient services. Customers want services to be available at their doorsteps, or at a conveniently accessible location.

As a dealer, one can incorporate ride-sharing option in the fixed ops service wing. This would serve multiple purposes-

  • Wait time can be reduced for customer
  • Customer can move to and from the workshop in flexible manner with on-demand transportation service
  • While scheduling a service, the customer can choose the ride-sharing option
  • Capital outlay of the dealer with respect to full-time transportation service is reduced
  • Associated overheads of dealers are also curtailed
  • Customer satisfaction index rises significantly
  • Due to newer digital and technological interventions, dealers get the opportunity to reach out to a higher number of potential
  • car buyers. Also, the fixed ops service department will most definitely get that much required and visible face lift, which will
  • reflect itself in the form of sustained profits and increased customer loyalty.

Way Forward

The major issue, when it come to fixed ops, can be resolved realistically with the help of the ride-sharing option. This would ensure that dealerships are never starving for customers. Also, this would ensure that the customers come back again and again for getting their vehicles maintained and repaired. Ride-sharing services can open up and broaden major sources of consistent revenues for dealers by bringing the workshops closer to the customers.

Mobility dynamics is changing rapidly. And in order to rise above the competition and stay profitable, on-demand ride-sharing option can play a decisive role in favour of the dealers.

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