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7 Car Maintenance Tips for College Students

It’s certainly not easy to be a college student as the college life brings an endless number of responsibilities and worries like exams, students loans, paying rent etc and the last thing that adds to the list is car repair and maintenance. In order to simplify this process I have come up with some useful car maintenance tips for students so that they can avoid the burden of costly repairs. The common car maintenance practices that almost every car owner is aware of are changing car engine oil, rotating tires, and keeping the gas tank above. However the less common practices which are also essential to maintain a good health of your car include the following

1. Light check

Light check falls under the category of basic car maintenance work that should be done on a weekly basis. You simply have to turn on the light and walk around your vehicle to ensure that all of them are working properly. Don’t forget to pay attention to your brake lights, hazards and blinkers as all of them are essential for visibility on road.

2. Check your tire pressure

Tire safety is crucial for your car to decrease the chances of accidents. Check your tire pressure and ensure the reading on your gauge perfectly matches the threshold mentioned in your vehicle’s manual. Majority of the vehicle manufacturer mention the recommended tire pressure for front and rear tires on a sticker that is usually located in the door jamb of the driver’s door.

3. Windshield wipers

Checking your windshield is basic maintenance work that ensures that your wipers are in good condition. Windshield wipers should be replaced in every six months to one year. If your windshield has stop pushing rain or snow off your windshield then it is a clear indication that there is something wrong with your windshield wipers. There is no big deal in changing your windshield; you can easily do it yourself.

4. Steering and suspension

Steering and suspension both have direct connection with the safety of your vehicle. If you ever notice that your car suddenly pulls or drifts slightly to the left or right, get your car inspected by an efficient mechanic immediately who has expertise in steering, wheels and suspension work. Any issues with the steering system can lead to a sudden breakdown.

5. Brakes

Keeping your vehicle’s brake system in a proper condition is also counted amongst the major car maintenance works. Your brake should be checked by a skilled auto professional on a regular basis especially after a collision to ensure they are working properly. Make sure that you ask your mechanic to inspect the brakes during a routine oil change.

6. Car’s battery condition

Car batteries of some particular auto brands are sometimes prone to corrosion and lose charge over time if left unchecked. That is why college students are recommended to open the engine compartment every few weeks to perform a visual inspection to look for corrosion. This will help identify issues like charge loss that can cause breakdowns.

7. Check and fill vehicle fluids

Last but not the least, checking the vehicle fluid levels is also an important car maintenance work. These fluids help operating your vehicle at peak condition and protect the vehicle from overheating. Checking fluid levels is a simple task. You have to find the right nozzle or opening for things like coolant, windshield wiper fluid, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid and check the levels as they appear. As part of a good car maintenance routine, top off fluids as needed and initiate checks regularly for any kind of leaks.

Car maintenance is not only important to avoid costly repairs, it is equally important to ensure the safety of the college students who drive them. To find a trustable mechanic for maintenance, you can simply time auto mechanics near me on Google.

FTAutos7 Car Maintenance Tips for College Students

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