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5 Signs that your Mechanics Unreliable

Auto Mechanics are like doctors for your cars and every vehicle owner relies on them to keep their vehicles healthy in long run. The relation between a mechanic and a car owner to a great extent based on trust as car owners do not have much knowledge on car mechanisms. But does every mechanic deserve the trust? Of course there are trustworthy auto mechanic near me that identify your vehicle issues easily and give honest service but at the same time, there are mechanics whose aim is to extract money from you especially when there is an emergency they take full advantage of the situation. That is why it is crucial for you to know if the mechanic you are consulting is honest or trying to fool you. To help you in this mission we have come up with some signs that can help you identify such fraudsters.

Don’t leave you car to a mechanic who says the following

1. if he tries to distract you from the real issue

There are some dishonest mechanics who would always try to distract you from the real problem and suggest you other expensive repairs along with it. For example if your car needs just a belt replacement, he could tell you that while diagnosing the problem they have noticed some other issues in your car as well. Don’t fall into their trap. Just ask them to fix the issue for which you went to him and then think about further repairs.

2. if he says you would not understand the issue

As we mentioned above most of the car owners are not aware of what actually happens under the hood and dishonest mechanics take full advantage of it. When a mechanic says you cannot understand the underlying issue you simply believe them just because of your lack of knowledge. You must know what is wrong with your vehicle as you are paying a big amount to fix it and it is your right. So even if he says you won’t understand what actually happened, you should ask him to explain.

3. I would not drive the car even for one km

This statement is a clear threat. His intention is only to scare you and nothing else so that you can leave your car to them and give them the freedom to reign over your vehicle. If they can sense your fear then they would know that they have the scope to overcharge you for various stuff that you don’t even need. Look for someone else even if your vehicle is not in a condition to move.

4. You need to prepare your car for winter and summer

This is another way mechanics make you fall for their trap. They can simply lie to you saying that you need to make your car ready for summer and winter which means that work needs to be done twice a year for seasonal changes. Many mechanics play smart this way to earn some extra cash. Make sure you stay away from them.

5. Your vehicle has covered too many miles

Well, it is true that the more miles your vehicle covers, the chances of its break down increase because it puts a lot of effort to cover those miles which can lead to general wear and tear. However, if your mechanic says your vehicle needs some work to be done as it has completed 20000 miles then you must know that he is lying because most vehicles can ran smoothly even after covering those miles.

Well, it’s not possible for every car owner to educate themselves about various car mechanisms and that is why these above mentioned statements can be useful for them to recognize who is a mechanic and who is a fraudster. Whether it is for your car oil change or for car repair you need to test mechanics to ensure that you vehicle is in the right hands. So next time when you search for auto mechanics in Toronto, don’t forget to look for these signs.

FTAutos5 Signs that your Mechanics Unreliable

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