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5 Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner Might Be Blowing Hot Air

When the summer hits, you drive to great lengths of the country to experience the beauty and charm. Driving is amazing when you are sitting inside, getting all relaxed in the cool breeze of air conditioning. But sometimes, you may feel that the A/c is blowing hot air, which can throw off your perfect drive.

It is a good practice to get all the car air conditional repairs before the summer is in full mode. You don’t want to drive in a hot car that makes you all sweaty as you reach the destination. You should get your car checked for all components including the A/C at a professional car service North York.

There are several reasons that could lead to the Air Conditioner, giving out hot air. You should get them fixed because the summer season will entice you to take our your car more often than not for longer drives.

5 reasons your car’s A/C is blowing hot air

Multiple reasons could cause the Air Conditioner to work poorly. From normal wear and tear to damaged parts, your car A/C might blow hot air, and you might not even notice it. Here are 5 reasons that your car’s air conditioner is failing at providing a cool breeze –

1. Condenser problem

Condenser issues are one of the most common challenges that force you to search for “car air conditioner repair shop near me”. Your car might have a faulty conditioner, which might be blocked because of the debris that comes from the road. It disrupts the proper cooling of the refrigerant, and the car will run on overheated capacity. On the other hand, your condenser might be broken, disabling the complete air-cooling system and giving rise to hot air.

2. Refrigerant leak

Another issue that might drive you to hire someone for car air conditioning repairs is a refrigerant leak. It is a coolant that circulates through the car, eliminating the hot air and keeping the car cool. A refrigerant leak may happen due to a puncture in the old hose or evaporator. You might not even notice, but it would be good to get it checked.

3. Compressor issues

An essential part of your car’s air conditioner is the compressor. It’s the component responsible for circulating the refrigerant inside the vehicle and provide the cold breeze. If you haven’t used your car in a while, you should get it checked at a car service North York because a long period of inactivity leads to compressor issues.

4. Faulty blend air door

The blend air door swings across the ventilation system to prevent the warm air from entering the car and provides support to the air conditioner. A faulty blend air door will get stuck and throw off warm air, leading to a disruptively hot environment in the car.

5. Electrical system problem

If everything is fine and you still can’t figure out what’s blowing hot air, it might be the fault of your car’s electrical system. There may be a broken wire or fuse that isn’t allowing the air conditioner to work properly. You need to take your vehicle to a car service North York and get it fixed before it turns into a bigger problem.

FTAutos5 Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner Might Be Blowing Hot Air

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