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5 Benefits of Changing Car Engine Oil Regularly

The best and easiest way to increase your car’s life span is to regularly change the engine oil. Additionally, you can save yourself from the hassle of breakdowns and repairs.

A vehicle engine consists of multiple moving parts which need to be lubricated regularly to prevent damage. The oil in the engine breaks down over time and gets polluted with dust, dirt and debris from the engine as well as the environment. As a result, oil fails to do its job properly.

Changing engine oil on regular intervals, as a part of routine maintenance, helps the engine to give its best performance consistently. There are many car service centers that offer a complimentary multi point inspection with the car engine oil change service. Filtering car engine oil on a regular basis comes with a lot of benefits for your car.

Here is the list of benefits of a car oil change that ensures your car’s smooth functioning.

1. Better engine performance

Regular oil changes ensure a better engine performance of your vehicle keeping the moving parts lubricated and clean.

2. Cleaner engine

When the engine starts its operation oil flows into the engine from various internal sources which bring dirt microscopic wear and other particles that get accumulated in it. As a result of delaying your car’s oil change program, sludge starts building up in the engine. The problem becomes worse for especially those who live in drier and dustier areas. That is why changing engine oil and replacing filters timely are crucial to keep these harmful bits of dirt and debris away from your engine so that they cannot harm your vehicle.

3. Longer life span of the engine

Oil is no less than the lifeblood of your vehicle. It protects the car engine from damages by maintaining its lubrication. The only problem with it is that it accumulates dirt which needs to be cleaned on a timely basis and changing oil and replacing filters are the only ways to keep the engine clean and safe which saves your time and money both. It is a beneficial investment that makes sure that your vehicle’s performance remains good for many years to come.

4. Decrease vehicle emission

Regular mobile oil change service means clean oil that ensures a smooth functioning of the engine. A clean and smooth engine releases less exhaust than a dirty engine. This is because clean engine oil has a better ability to absorb harmful engine particles as well as engine by-product emissions and changing engine oil in a timely manner is the only way to achieve clean engine oil. It is not only advantageous for your vehicle but also for the environment.

5. Increased gas mileage

By changing engine oil regularly the engine gets clean quality oil that offers better lubrication and friction reducing potential than the old and dirty engine oil. Increased engine lubrication means less engine friction due to which the engine runs easier and smoother. This ultimately results in increased gas mileage.

The above mentioned points have clearly stated why it is essential for your vehicle to have an engine oil change regularly. Most of the mechanics would suggest you to initiate the oil change operation after covering every 3000 miles or every three months. But this time frame completely depends on your driving habit. If you are driving a car with modern high performance oil then a 5000 miles schedule might be more effective for you.

FTAutos5 Benefits of Changing Car Engine Oil Regularly

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